Where can you use the Himalayan salt?

Salt can significantly harm our body, because is the main source of sodium, which excessive intake is associated with heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diseases of the blood vessels and the stomach, diabetes and obesity. We usually use the kitchen refined salt, which does not contain valuable substances, due to the process of processing. Purest salt on earth is the Himalayan salt, which regardless of its medicinal properties, it should not be excessively consumed.

Have you heard of the Himalayan salt lamps, which have a therapeutic effect? The lamps are ideal for children rooms and bedrooms, because of the relaxing and soothing light they provide.


It can be  used in aromatherapy, in combination with a variety of essential oils. You can add it to your relaxing bath and you can enjoy in it but no longer than 20 minutes.

You can also use the Himalayan salt in the same way as a normal salt in cooking, and taste of the food will not change at all. You can buy it in nutrition stores. Himalayan salt is an excellent peeling that removes the dead skin cells and once after which your skin will be soft and smooth. After the treatment, your skin will be more beautiful and healthier.

The salt will help keep your blood sugar level, will operate on your beauty, considering that it slows down the aging and stimulate the pH balance in the body cells. It will improve your blood circulation, will regulate the amount of fluid in the body and excrete toxins will be out.


If you have cold, you can cleanse the nasal mucous membrane with solution which you will make form Himalayan salt.

If you mix the salt with water, it will help you to regulate digestion and blood pressure. Active ingredients of this type of salt will keep your bones healthy will prevent osteoporosis.

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