What scares us: 5 most common phobias

Fear is a normal emotion, but when it is so intense that causes extreme anxiety that hinders normal activities, it is a phobia. Unpleasant physical symptoms such as acceleration of the pulse, trembling, feeling of nausea, sweating, dry mouth, rapid breathing, pain in the chest or a need for escape are just some of the associated symptoms of phobias


Which are the most common phobias?

1. Arachnophobia – fear of spiders

People with arachnophobia feel uncomfortable in places where they believe there are spiders or when there are cobwebs around them. When they face with a spider, they tremble, shout, cry or sweat.

2. Acrophobia – Fear of heights

Extreme and irrational fear of height is particularly common appearance. About 2 to 5% of the people are suffering from acrophobia, and most of them are female.

3. Claustrophobia – fear of closed small spaces

Being caught in closed spaces can be frightening and exhausting for claustrophobic people. Еlevators and narrow hallways and rooms without windows are avoided. When they are in full elevators, locked in small rooms or rooms without windows, claustrophobic people feel like they are choking.

4. Cynophobia – fear from dogs

Abnormal fear of dogs is forcing many people to limit their contact with dog owners and to avoid places where they know that they can meet these animals, such as parks.

5.Hemophobia – fear of blood

People with hemophobia cannot stand blood and in more serious cases they can fall unconscious.

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