Weekly fitness plan for a perfect body

The combination of various exercises that make up this fitness program, accelerates metabolism, tighten the muscles of the body and can never get bored.


1. Monday, Power – 45 minutes

push-ups & squats

Do squats and push-ups because they engage most muscle. Repeat each of these exercises ten times, then rest 30 seconds and repeat them seven times.

Now boost up. Include weights. In both hands take weights of 5 kg and do squats. Then, do push-ups on your knees or make intensive interval training.


2. Wednesday, Intervals – 20 minutes


Run with a slow pace for three minutes, then 15-20 seconds in a sprint.Then rest.Repeat this metod 20 times

Now boost up. Extend the sprint phase 10 seconds until you can run as fast as you can for one minute (three minutes rest). Combine running with cycling or rope jumping.


3. Thursday, Stretching – 45 to 60 minutes


Start with lighter forms of yoga, such as Yin and Hata, in which the focus is on breathing and retention in certain positions. When you master the simple forms of yoga, spend the jivanmukti and ashtanga exercises. These include a high degree of effort and complicated postures. When you master the simple forms of yoga, move on to jivanmukti and ashtanga exercises. These exercises include a high degree of effort and complicated postures


4. Saturday, Endurance – 60 minutes


Do cardio exercises for half an hour with a uniform pace. Because it makes sense that the rhythm will start to slow down, try to keep it up with listening to rhythmic music. In the final phase, you should be able to exercise 60 minutes without stopping. Then our brain begins to produce high level of serotonin, and thus warm euphoric state, which you will want for it to lasts after you stop exercising.