Warning: What do these numbers mean?

Rarely, there is a man you do not like to drink milk. It is rich with calcium and it is great for our health. Nowadays, there are several variations of milk, such as chocolate milk, milk from strawberries and the like. But, recently in public was released one interesting and a bit warring information. Read the text below.

What do these numbers mean (1)

Have you ever noticed the numbers on the bottom of the milk packaging and have you ever thought about what they mean?

These numbers are not just some regular numbers. All of them have a meaning that only a small number of people know about it.

If you look at the bottom of the packaging, you will notice the numbers 1-5 (in some countries 1-6).

There are several different meanings about these numbers. However, one has caused serious panic among consumers, because the numbers usually represent how many times the milk is recycled or re-processed.

What do these numbers mean (2)

There is even a legislation that allows the milk with expired date to be re-processed at 190 ° C and sent back to the stores. This procedure, which is allowed by law, can be repeated up to 5 times. But, factories must to print the exact number of times that milk is processed.

As we have said, if you notice the printed numbers (123456) and if a number is missing, you will know how many times that particular milk is recycled. For example, if you look this number 12456. It can be seen that the number 3 is missing, which means that the date of this milk expired three times. With another words, this milk was pasteurized 3 times from beginning.

We do not know for sure is this information correct, but we decide to share it with you in order to be more careful when you buy milk next time.