Truths and misconceptions about carbonated water!

Carbonated water is something that most people consume daily. In any case it is better to drink carbonated water rather than soft drinks because they contain artificial sweeteners and colors. But, there are many truths and misconceptions about this water, so we no longer know in what to believe. The following myths are obtained as results of research:

Truths and misconceptions about carbonated water21. MYTH: The bubbles are not hydrating

According to Dr. Susan Garg at the University of South Carolina, the mineral water bubbles are not preventing the body hydration.

2. MYTH: It is bad for teeth and bones

Carbonated water can destroy the tooth enamel, but only if it is consumed in large quantities.

3. MYTH: You can get fat

The truth is that all bubbles are causing bloating, but this is temporary and even in long-term it is good. The more you feel full, the less you will nibble something. However, you should avoid carbonated water with flavors and sweeteners.

Truths and misconceptions about carbonated water3

4. MYTH: Carbonated water can cause heartburn

If you’re prone to heartburn then you should avoid foods that cause you heartburn, but not mineral water. However, if you suffer from stomach acid, the bubbles may actually worsen the situation.

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