Trump’s empire was built by the Italian Mafia

In the text of David Kay Johnston, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, can be found that Donald Trump was associated with the Italian mob boss known as “Fat Tony”.

Trump's empire was built by the Italian Mafia (2)

Johnston claims that the Salerno’s construction company has built the tower “Trump Plaza”. He says that Trump made a deal with a man who was involved in racketeering and drug smuggling. However, it is not the first time that Trump has collaborated with Fat Tony, but this text offers the most extensive documents and stories that are showing this connection.

Instead of using the industrial standard steel, Trump built his building using ready-mixed concrete. From the documents can be seen that Trump paid a larger amount of money to the Salerno’s company so they can use faster but not safe material. Sure, he handled the trade unions not to make big noise about it. Complete agreement about this was in the hands of a Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, one of his closest associates.

However, the tycoon claims that he does not remember making any such agreement, but also denies that he had any links to the mafia.

Trump's empire was built by the Italian Mafia (1)

According to the documents, Salerno had his part in building the Trump empire back in the 80s. He was a head of the company “S & A”, but was associated with many influential unions.

“But with Cohen as his lawyer, Trump had no reason to fear that the company “S & A” will not accept the agreement. In return, Trump received a union peace, which means that the project will not face with costly construction or delay”.

Fat Tony in 1988 was sentenced to 70 years in prison and has died in 1992. The contract for construction of “Tramp Plaza” was estimated at around 8 million dollars.

In his text, Johnston also notes that Trump was collaborating with John Cody. He was mentioned as a collaborator of the Italian Gambino family. However, Trump denied these claims.