Top 5 plants to purify the air in your house

No matter how much we are trying to clean our house and care for the hygiene in our home, the toxins, which are usually coming from the furniture, cleaning solutions, plastics, carpets and so on, will always be there. But, we do not need to worry because there are plants that can help us to solve this problem. The following herbs, will purify our home from all harmful substances and will fill the air with oxygen:

1. Ficus

Ficus is a plant that originated in India, and the researches shows that it is especially good for removing the formaldehyde from the air.

Top 5 plants to purify the air in your house1

2. Bamboo palm

Bamboo palm is one of the key plants that will purify the air and will also keep the insects away from your home. This plant removes a lot airborne harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene, the carbon monoxide, chloroform and xylene.

Top 5 plants to purify the air in your house2

3. Ivy

This famous creeper seamlessly adapts in internal conditions. It is easy to grow and does not need great light. Ivy, except for air purification, and good to remove allergens such as animal droppings and mold.

4. Devil’s ivy

You can put devil’s ivy in decorative pot, but it needs a little light. If it is located in an environment with more light, its leaves will be colorful.

Top 5 plants to purify the air in your house4

5. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is one of the best flowers for air purification. It is not really a home flower, but in such conditions it can last up to six weeks. Then you need to replace it with a new one. Chrysanthemum needs great light, but not direct, and plenty of moisture. It purifies the air from xylene, formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene.

Top 5 plants to purify the air in your house5

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