Tips for training speed and power

If you’re new into running, and want to see progress, you should run every training as much as possible. Of course, is not your goal to exhaust yourself, but you should give as much as possible of yourself. In fact, the secret is that you do not give your maximum on every training, in order to manage to achieve specific sustainable average running speed.

The goal of the training should be to gradually increase the speed that can be maintained as long as possible. This goal can be achieved if you focus yourself on mileage, not on the speed.

Tips for training speed and power

The largest and best progress is achieved through long and slow workouts. If you want to train speed, there should approach to that training with caution and consult with more experienced or professional individuals.

Of course, beginners in running first need to know what are the reasons why they run so they can better adjust the plan to meet the goals. For example, in the first 10 months of training, the distance and speed are not important, but the time spent in the running. So, run thirty minutes, forty minutes, an hour, but do not bother pace or kilometers.

When you are fresh and rested will run more and thus you control the effort because in the long running, the gradual speed develops while reducing the effort in running the same distance.

Fast muscle fibers in the leg muscles are developed with speed training. These developed muscles are needed for long runs, but they remain untrained if running slow. In speed training is good that the body adapts and relaxes with time and so the lungs are adapting to greater intensity.

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