Tips for running- “Run better – run faster”


Keep your hands in unclenched fist and your arms at relaxed 90° angle. Your arms should swing with your leg stride to drive you forward.


Keep your shoulders relaxed – low and loose. As soon as they start creeping up towards your ears, you are wasting energy and throwing yourself off-balance


Your head should be in the neutral position (keep eyes to the ground 10 to 30 meters ahead). Don’t let it bob up and down like a nodding dog.


Run tall. Your torso is your center of gravity and controls your whole running style. A straight back will promote optimal lung capacity and a powerful stride.

woman running


Your breathing should be relaxed but if you find yourself struggling or panting, then concentrate on breathing from your diaphragm.


These are the power muscles of running and therefore the main driving force. They help keep the hips stable and extend the thigh to propel the body.

Your hips should face forward and stay stable, rotating only very slightly to encourage knee drive. Leaning too far forward throws you out of alignment


Don’t lift your knees too high – it’s a waste of energy. The knee lift is about driving the leg forwards and following a comfortable stride with quick, light steps.


Your foot should hit the ground lightly, landing mid-foot, under your centre of gravity.

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