The seeds of this fruit cure cancer!

You should know the fact that the industry that deals with cancer, according to realistic estimates, deals with over $ 200 billion worldwide per year. There are many different associations positioned within this industry that would lost their jobs with the publication of news that cheaper, much less harmful and more effective medications that are also easily accessible have appeared on the market..
The apricot seeds!

The seeds of this fruit cure cancer!1
All you need is two to three days drying on the sun, then you break them just like almonds. In the middle of the apricot seed is delicious meaty core. You can eat them as much as you like. They are tasty and healthy, and you can keep them throughout the whole year.
Laetrile or B17?

Biochemist Dr Ernst Krebb Jr. from San Francisco, has found out that cancer is a metabolic reaction of the body to a poor diet and the nutrients that are missing in modern man’s diet may be the key to overcoming cancer.
Members of the tribe of Hunza have stored and dried apricots. They do not throw anything. All is eaten except the hard crust of seeds. People of Hunza are the only one that have never had a single case of cancer!!!!
Amygdalin was found in the highest concentrations and along with the needed enzymes in the core of the apricot seeds. Leatrile is produced with simple extraction of the amygdalin from the soft core of the apricot seeds, purified and concentrated.

The seeds of this fruit cure cancer!2
Amygdalin is nitriloside. We cannot classify Nitrilosides because they can be found in the food, but by themselves, they are not food. As nitriloside, amygdalin by its structure is similar to a group of B vitamins, so that is why Dr. Krebbe called it B17, due to the fact that previously were isolated 16 vitamins from the B group.
Since Laetrile obtained directly from the nutrients found in nature, and is not made in laboratory, it is impossible to be patented. And, of course, is not toxic. In other words, as is the case with all natural substances that heal, the large pharmaceutical empire and the AMA (American Medical Association) cannot get rich from this substance.
There are several testimonies of cancer patients who have been cured just chewing large amounts of apricot seeds.

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