The Demand for meat destroys the Amazon forest

Nongovernmental PLANETE AMAZONE (Planet Amazon) through social networks called on the world to stop increasing the demand for meat. A shocking data is released that even 20% of the Amazonian forests were destroyed in the last 3 years because of livestock farms and pastures. The Amazon rainforests are very important for the survival of the planet because they are a very complex ecosystem most credited for breathing of our Planet. They are not accidentally called “the lungs of the Earth”, and not coincidentally the scientific world constantly appeals that their destruction would probably mean the destruction of ourselves.

The Demand for meat destroys the Amazon forest1

South America, particularly Brazil is the largest exporter of beef in the world. Growing demand for meat in the world is responsible for the deforestation of huge areas of the Amazon forests to provide more space for storage of livestock and pastures. It is expected that by 2018 exports of beef and leather goods to grow by 98%, which would be fatal for Amazon.

The Demand for meat destroys the Amazon forest2

To make things worse, livestock and every living creature produces CO2, and the growing numbers of farms further contributes to the increase of gases in the atmosphere directly blame for global warming. If we consider the information from FAO (Organization for Food and Agriculture of the United Nations), the meat industry is currently larger contaminant than the transport industry.

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