American doctors says: The cure for cancer is in ourselves [Video]

Although they are trying for decades, scientists still have not managed to find a tool that would completely cure the cancer. The fight against this disease is often referred to as the last step that has the medicine to take, but experts believe that at the very end of this road.

The cure for cancer is in ourselves1

However, in contrast to these high expectations and pretentious research, known Dr. Steven Rosenberg from the National Cancer Institute in Maryland believes that the cure for cancer ais a lot closer to us.
Moreover, it is inside us!
In fact, he believes that in the fight against cancer, instead of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, we should turn to immunotherapy, which can stimulate our body to fight cancer. 40 years ago, Rosenberg created the first effective immunotherapy. Since then, the immunotherapy has gone from obscure treatments to fundamental part of the national strategy of fighting against cancer in whose research are invest billions of dollars. All this does not mean that a cure for cancer is found, but immunotherapy has become a promising weapon in the fight against this deadly disease.

Dr. Rosenberg notes that immunotherapy so far has shown more successful in treating blood cancer than to others, solid tumor types.
“Until we do not provide a real and effective cure for our patients, a lot of work remains for us” Rosenberg was honest.