The breakfast of the man who plans to live forever

Meet Ray Kurzweil. He is chief engineer at Google, but despite the love for technology, there is something else that he wants to create – a very long life.The breakfast of the man who plans to live forever (1)

The 67-year-old man wants to extend our longevity “to infinity”. For that reason he has recently called a journalist from the newspaper “Financial Times” for breakfast with him to show him what is he eating every day and why.

“This food will satiate you with a lot less calories,” says Kurzweil and if you want we to be honest, his choice does not look bad at all.

On the table in front of Ray and the journalist there were porridge, smoked salmon, blueberries, mackerel, soy milk, stevia, green tea and black chocolate. The salmon is rich in fatty acids, has positive effect on the brain function and reduces the inflammation in the body.

Ray also said that these following things you would never see on his table. Those are meat and sugar. These things he has reduced on a minimum. He loves fish and vegetables.

The breakfast of the man who plans to live forever (2)

Another thing that is important for Ray is that his work as chief engineer is very, very stressful. He has a lot of man in his team and he needs to handle with every single of them. To achieve that he has drank many tablets per day. That much, that this number, 250 tablets per day is unbelievable for ordinary people. Now he has reduces the intake of “just” 100 tablets per day. He drinks 30 of them for breakfast. Those supplements give support to his heart, brain, and sexual health.

The part with the 100 tablets per day is very unclear for many people, including us, but if it comes that Ray Kurzweil is right, we are sure that everybody will want to do the same.