The birch protects the liver, kidneys and lungs

The birch is really a healing herb. From her leaves or buds is preparing tea. Tea, which is usually done with the overflow of the herb with boiling water is a diuretic, which helps with diseases associated with urinary system, rheumatism, and is very good for eliminating cellulite. Also this tea is used to relieve coughs, colds, influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, sick sinus, reducing the temperature and relieve headache.

The birch protects the liver, kidneys and lungs1

Can help in better digestion, balancing of the blood pressure, fats and sugars in the blood, as well as a better job of the liver and the gall bladder. The birch is almost universal natural medicine, as it contains healthy ingredients such as tannins, essential oils, organic acids, vitamin C and calcium. Fresh birch juice, obtained directly from the tree have long been used to purify and strengthen the body.


The juice is known as a natural remedy for jaundice and kidney disease. It can be found in healthy food stores.You can also prepare healing bath, which helps with various skin problems. Cosmetic birch is also very good to use, because they equate the complexion, strengthens the hair and removes dandruff.

Finally, if you want just a few minutes to fill yourself with positive energy, take a birch leafs in your hand and rub them 15 minutes. Believe that this will immediately make you feel better!

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