[VIDEO] The biggest environmental disaster occurred in Brazil

Environmental disaster occurred in the southeast of Brazil in early November. A dam which hold the wastewater from the iron mine has break and cause leakage of mineral waste. Toxic tsunami literally plunged an entire village, killing at least 17 people. The sight was frightening, the red sludge covered the whole village and completely destroyed it. But the world media almost the second day after this event, have stopped to follow the developments in the situation, and moved to the current developments in Paris, Syria, Moscow and Ankara, so the news that toxic sludge continued on its way to Rio Doce, one of the most important rivers in Brazil which empties into the Atlantic Ocean, unnoticed passed away.One of the biggest environmental disasters occurred in Brazil2

Hundreds of thousands of people have accepted the fact that they will have to relocate as far as they can, and much time will pass until the government re-create conditions for quality life.

One of the biggest environmental disasters occurred in Brazil1

Toxic sludge is not only fatal to humans, but also for flora and fauna. A high amount of waste led to a change in water flows and currents, dramatically changing the ecosystem. The land in this village will never be the same, and the damage done in the fields and all agricultural work will be invaluable. So, the life of these hundreds of thousands of people will never be the same. They have lost everything in this terrible disaster and the only thing on which they hope are the donations from the people around the world and their government. They hope that in recent time they will have their normal life back.

Accorging to the fact that the sludge is rich in iron, in the end it will harden to a similar mixture of concrete and destroy the plant life …

And when the sludge reaches the ocean, it will occur real environmental disaster, one of the largest in the history.