6 terrible products that Monsanto has made

The purpose of this article is shedding light on some of the most harmful products that Monsanto has made in history:  

1. Bovine growth hormone  

Developed by Monsanto, rBGH is a genetically modified hormone that is injected into cows to produce more milk. When it is consumed by humans it acts as akselator of cancer and is associated with colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. rBGH is also used today and is usually injected into cows every week.    


  2. Saccharin


What is that? Simply, saccharin is an artificial sweetener. It did not become popular as an alternative to sugar until to 20th century, thanks to large efforts of Monsanto whose initial intention was to produce saccharin for the Coca Cola company. Why is it bad? Initially its ability to provide sweetness without calories was boasted, saccharin then fell under criticism in 1970 when a study found that saccharin causes cancer in examined mice and rats. But after mounted pressures, the study is neglected and the sweetener is removed from the list of carcinogens things, and today can be found in many products that we consume.

3. Styrofoam

Styrofoam is a synthetic polymer and it is still widely used today. The production of polystyrene has become a focus of Monsanto in 1941. Why is it bad? Styrofoam is responsible for the most of the hazardous waste in the world. Continuous exposure to styrofoam is also associated with headache, depression, fatigue and weakness. It is used literally everywhere, but mostly in food packaging. Styrofoam has secured its place in the market, because it is more resistant product than the paper and more cost-effective compared to plastic.

6 terrible products that Monsanto has made

4. Dioxin

Dioxins are a group of chemical compositions which some people see it as the most toxic chemical known to science. Monsanto put on this chemical in 1945, when they started to use chemical pesticides in agriculture. Why is it bad? Dioxins are primarily bad due to their ability to accumulate in the food chain. Scientists say that only one dioxin molecule in the human body is sufficient to create tumor.

5. Petroleum-based fertilizer

As the name suggests, oil-based fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer that is applied in the land or in herbal tissues in order to help their development. Monsanto have joined in in 1955 right after buying a large oil refinery. Oil-based fertilizer is famous for destroying the beneficial microorganisms in the land. This destruction sterilizes the land and she becomes entirely dependent of open stimulant for production and development of plants.

6 terrible products that Monsanto has made2

6. GMO

GMO certainly does not require explanation, and is quite widely known that Monsanto is the foundation of the development of organisms. GMO is present in many crops, but mostly in sugar beet, corn, potato, rice, corn, soybeans, tomatoes and salmon.

These products are presenting treat for mankind. We must stop this!