Symptoms of chronic fatigue

Have you heard of chronic fatigue syndrome? Do you have a headache coming back, are you constantly tired, do you have intestinal problems, swollen lymph nodes, headache, inability to concentrate, depression, impaired vision? The problem is, although now is a little better situation, as this syndrome is difficult to diagnose.

This disease can occur due to various causes, in some cases it is a viral infection, but in some it can be vaccination and hormonal and genetic factors. Today’s rapid and unhealthy way of life, leaves a deep impact on our immune system and therefore of chronic fatigue today can suffer both young and old people.┬áThe symptoms can be an individual, and depends on it and treatment. Physical and psychological treatment is a good combination for the treatment of this disease, while conventional medicine does not offer enough therapy.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue

It never hurts to reach for essential oils that can be used for baths and massages. The lavender oil is excellent to relieve the symptoms of stress and depression because it acts antiviral and antidepressant. Grapefruit oil is good against depression. The oil of rosemary and blueberries will help against muscle pain and anti-anxiety especially to help marjoram.

To make the symptoms of chronic fatigue easier, you can do light exercising, making sure that do not force yourself too much. Sleep at least six hours and accept the limitations of the chronic fatigue syndrome.

In order to alleviate the symptoms of fatigue, you should eat healthy and move enough. The food you eat should not contain sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Always take enough vitamins and minerals and food full of antioxidants.

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