Strange waves in the sky above Colorado?

In the sky above Colorado, strange clouds have appeared inform of waves, which have confused the residents there. People are worried and scared. They want to know, are these “waves” new form of sky poisoning?

Strange waves in the sky above Colorado (1)

After the photos appeared on social networks, the researchers offer an explanation.

It is the Kelvin-Helmholtz waves, which can be found in our solar system, including Saturn’s atmosphere. They are formed when two layers of air moving at different speeds. Where the two layers are joined, one “transparent” layer appears and becomes unstable due to the changes in the speed. This creates a vortex and small formations like waves that usually do not last long.

But, people are not very confident about it. According to the latest news, and all controversial on non-controversial theories that have appeared around the internet, they are scared and cannot believe that these “things” in the sky are not chemtrails.