SOS mode for quick weight loss

We all wish to look perfect for the summer and for the moment when we put on our favorite swimsuit and go out to the beach. However, the excess weight is doing its job, and we do not look like we want to look.

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If you want to lose weight and to have a slim line, then you need to look out for the next 2 things:

1. Insulin

It helps in regulation of the blood sugar levels in the blood. The problem with insulin is that it stimulates the fat cells to take excess fatty acid from the blood. We often eat meals that have a high glycemic index after which the fat from the meal is deposited on our buttocks, thighs and waist.

2. Carbohydrates

They are the reason for the increased amount of blood sugar if they are absorbed too quickly. Foods that increase blood glucose should be strictly avoided.

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How should you eat?

1. Divide the food on yellow, red and green

Yellow – These foods should be consumed moderately:  Non-fat cheese, bananas, beans and corn

Red – This type of food you need to avoid: Meat products, bread and full-fat dairy products

Green – You need to combine these ingredients in all your meals: fish, chicken, eggs, cereals and all types of fruit and vegetables.

2. Portions should be moderate

Meat and fish should not exceed an amount of greater than 100 grams. Also 40 grams of pasta and 50 grams of rice are enough.

3. All kind of vegetables

It is good to eat chard and spinach. Also, all kind of fruit that do not has high glycemic index is recommended.

4. Fish and white meat without skin

It is rich in protein and low in fat. Meals can also include lens because it contains high amount of fibers.