Some benefits of doing squats

If the goal for the workout is to build massive and strong legs, to strengthen the muscles of the whole body and improve the balance and posture of the body, then you need to regularly practice complex exercises in your training program. Together with dead lifting, squats are the best complex exercises for building strong and massive body. They allow getting excellent strength and explosiveness in the lower part of the body by activating all the major muscle groups in the legs.

Some benefits of doing squats1

Below you can read about some benefits that you can get from squats.

1. Building a solid, massive legs and strengthening the entire body

Primary muscle group that is activated with the squats are quadriceps, muscles of the back lodge, and gluteus and calves. What should be observed when performing squats is their proper execution and gradual weight gain.

2. Strengthening the muscles of the torso

Despite the legs as basic primary muscle group which is activated when you do squats, the muscles of the torso represent secondary muscle group that helps to stabilize the movement and protects the body from unwanted and unnatural movements during the execution of this complex exercise. When you are performing a standard version of the barbell squat, abdominal muscles and erector spinae muscle group have isometric contraction to allow proper posture.

Some benefits of doing squats2

3. Increased production of hormones

Performing some variant of squats increases the production of anabolic hormones in our body and therefore all those active practitioners who are regularly practice them have higher levels of testosterone and growth hormone compared to those practitioners who do exercises in a sitting or lying position.

4. Burning many calories

5. Improving the balance and posture of the whole body

This complex movement strengthens the joints and bones and thus improves the balance and agility of the body.

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