MOSCOW, Russia – Mr. Edward Snowden, NSA fugitive and whistleblower, has released some documents Tuesday to Internet Chronicle reporters proving that the HAARP system, is definitively engaged in a program of mind control and assassination.

Although the military prison industrial complex has routinely complied that the HAARP is meant to study the natural phenomena in the ionosphere, Mr. Snowden has managed to blow open a massive charade.

snowden leaks

 “These stations are based far from the eyes of people near Gakona, Alaska, and are used to manipulate or to stop the dissidents of global capitalism. With these large antennas, NATO is able to, remotely “execute” ‘offenders’ of ‘deviant’ thoughts.”

This HAARP system projects ultra-high-powered radio waves. These waves are operating at the same frequency as the truncus encephali, or brain stem, selectively causing deaths to look like they are from natural causes  – including by some appearing to coroners as innocuous as heart attacks or strokes.

“While the intelligence community does not look on the outright assassination as an optimal effect, they can act on every man they want, in order to discredit them. When we were in transit between Moscow and Hong Kong, the stuff from WikiLeaks and I, we had to defend from the constant threat of radio-generated delusions.”

Because of the confidentiality agreements with Allen Hamilton, the Chronicle cannot say anything beyond the point that he has equipped his entire flat in the hotel to be functioning as Faraday cage.

The haphazardly built Faraday cage, can block the interference from external electric fields.

 “Without this cage, I would have died at the moment The Guardian‘s first story went to public.”

 Mr. Snowden supported his testimony with HAARP documents which he get from the private email accounts of officials as high as admirals and Air Force Brigadier Generals.

Sources from the US intelligence community confirmed authenticity of these documents to the The Internet Chronicle, and their terrible consequences for human dignity.

The testimony of Mr. Snowden appears to be partly in line with the statement of US senator’s brother. Then he said that affecting on the emotional state of the brain is very easy with HAARP.

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