Russian bell (ketttlebell) – Strengthen your body

Kettlebell (Russian bell) is a prop made of cast iron, which looks like a ball with a handle. Lately, their use is very popularized because of the results. It is used in professional sports as part of the condition preparation, but also for recreational exercising, for those who want to improve their strength and appearance.

Russian bell (ketttlebell) - Strengthen your body and spirit1

The secret of this metal ball with a handle is that during its use, all body muscles are included and endurance and strength are increased. Before you decide to buy you “small gym”, read the following helpful information on how to exercise, the weight of Kettlebell etc.

His weight is 6 or 8 kg for women, and 12 or 14 kg for men. If over time this becomes too easy for you, start doing more difficult exercises. Today there are exercises that are performed with two kettlebell props simultaneously but certainly with small weights, although a commonly practiced exercise is with only one kettlebell.

Russian bell (ketttlebell) - Strengthen your body and spirit2

The most important thing before you start lifting kettlebell is the warm-up! You can do it in different ways: running in place, jumping rope, stretching the whole body, even dancing. This type of workout is very dynamic, because it involves many iterations and takes the minimum 30 minutes. By strengthening your muscles, with this exercise you are also strengthening the cardiovascular system.

The training with Russian bell burns a lot of calories, so within an hour, you can spend 1500 calories. In addition, you will feel strong. This “small gym” will fix your posture and with regular, healthy diet will be able to reach the desired results in short period.

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