Regular workout protects you from 13 types of cancer

According to the research of US scientists from the National Cancer Institute, regular physical activity can reduce the risk of 13 types of cancers. They have estimated that 51% of adults in America and 31% in the world are starting some workout activity in order to remain in good health.

Regular workout protects you from 13 types of cancer (1)

In order to accomplish this, people need to run, walk, riding a bike, swim or do some kind of physical activity at least 150 minutes per week. Like this, your body will stay in shape, and you will be more resistant to injuries and more resistant to diseases.

From a long time ago, it was confirmed that physical activity reduces the risk of colon cancer, but for other types of cancer, the results were not precise enough due to the small number of participants in the study. But, everyone should remember that only physical activity is not enough. You must improve your overall lifestyle. The food you eat and the drinks you drink. You need to drink at least 2l of water per day and eat more organic food.

This research was conducted on more than 1.44 million persons between 19 and 60 years in the US and Europe. Participants were monitored for an average of 11 years, during which observed 187,000 new cases of cancer.