Pilot has spoken – We are spraying POISON in the sky

And I also miss the beautiful blue skies from my youth and I am ashamed because I am responsible for its disappearance. Finally, a military pilot made a step forward for humanity and uncovered the truth about chemical (poison) spraying  on the planet in which he actually participated, writes cosmicconvergence.org

We are spraying POISON in the sky3

“First of all I would like to say that I disagree with what I do, and with the tasks I must perform. But what you can do as an ordinary soldier?

Few of us believe that what we do is wrong and contrary to good and from time to time we are really frantic. I must tell you that they keep us in the dark and do not give an honest answer about the spraying. If it is discovered that I or any of my family is inquiring about chemtrails, disciplinary action is followed by automaticaly. HAARP and chemtrails are two notions that we are forbidden to inquire. They follow us in every our step. Our children go to school (inside) in the base, and education of children in the public system or through private tutoring at home, is forbidden for us. Often the question is asked why pilots would poison their children. But, you must know that over 85 percent of the soldiers who work on these projects have no family and no children. They are carefully selected from the top, from the Air Force, Navy or Coast Guard after many years of indoctrination and training. Most pilots are “vaccinated” against humanity and the only worry in life is killing and side aspects of America and the world.

We are spraying POISON in the sky2

I swear, most of them are like machines. I call them Tanker terminators. I should not talk about this. But almost a third of those chemtrail flights were orchestrated by a small nameless islands. On these islands there are new military bases At these extremely remote islands are built the HAARP antennas (using technology that allows to produce all weather disasters that can hit any part of the world).

How they wash our brains?

First they show a video to us of a catastrophic destruction of our country with sophisticated weapons and then will say that these are the consequences if we do not fly. They assure us that we work on the construction of the defensive shield and atmospheric weapons for the protection of our homeland and the world. But in fact we are spraying poison to our people.

We are spraying POISON in the sky3

All the veterans community know about the program called ” flashpoint ” or “FP-03”. That program is for self-destruction of aircrafts and pilots, and can be activated from anywhere, water, on land or  below the water if they want. We are aware that if they suspect in something, can break us down in just 15 seconds.

They tell us that these programs serve as a safeguard to prevent the planes from falling into densely populated areas. But it is frightening to fly, when you know that they can remotely manage your aircraft. But deep in the subconscious we know that this program is actually to controls us and our activities.

Have you ever seen any crew member to survive after a crash? Every military plane that is dropped is completely destroyed. There are good reasons for this – and we know it.

The world should see the depth and detailed reports of our missions. Some of them leaked, but they can be found as discredited conspiracy theories and placed in alternative media that deliberately discredit them. Perhaps some of my colleagues will read this and decide to consider for the common good. I know only a fraction of the big picture. So, this is just what I know, but the truth is much larger and much deeper…