Obesity is associated with two types of cancer

Medical researches from a team led by Dr. Rakesh Jain from the Laboratory for Tumor and Biology at department of Oncology in Boston, have found that obesity causes a faster progression of pancreatic and breast cancer.

Obesity is associated with two types of cancer1

The discovery, which is believed to be useful for prevention and treatment of these types of cancer, can also help in exploring other types of cancer.

“The fact that the mechanism which the obesity has in some individuals and how it influences the development of these cancers will help us to understand how tumors develop in other types of cancer”, says Jain in his report after the research.

More than half of the people suffering from this disease were over weighted, but for now, the exact cause is unknown for the team of Dr. Jain.

In the experiment with cancer cells on lab mice, it was also found an association between obesity and high levels of a protein called placental growth factor (PlGF). The experiment showed that this protein has “blinded” the receptor VEGFR-1 and by that the development of the tumor is created. VEGFR-1 then has negative effect on the immune cells in the tumor.

The survey results can be found in the journal for clinical cancer research that was published by the hospital.

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