Natural remedies for bladder inflammation

Bladder inflammation (cystitis) is a very common condition, especially in winter. About 85% of all urinary tract infections are caused by the bacteria Echerichia coli, which is found naturally in the intestines. It is often followed by an urgent urge to urinate, burning and pain when urinating and false urges for urination. Cystitis is a serious disease, which if left untreated, can cause inflammation of the kidneys and damage their function.

So, when there are symptoms and signs of cystitis it is best for you to immediately call a doctor. Also, there are natural remedies that may be useful in the cystitis treatment:


1. Cranberry


The cranberry is one of the best natural remedies for bladder infections and infections of the urinary tract. The cranberry is an herb whose fruits are a natural antibiotic. Cranberry fruits are rich in various protective substances, containing minerals such as potassium, vitamins A and C and fiber. The red fruits have sour taste, which stems from the large amount of vitamin C. The most common bacteria in the urinary tract, Echerichia coli, stick on the walls of the urinary system, and leads to inflammation. Pigments from cranberries prevent retention of the bacteria in the bladder. If the cranberry juice is very sour, you can put a little bit honey. You need to drink 100 ml of cranberry juice per day.


2. Birch


The leaves of the birch are one of the best herbal remedies for the treatment of the urinary tract infections. Tea from the leaves of birch is a natural diuretic and increases the excretion of urine even for 5-6 times. Birch tea is recommended for dissolving kidney stones and throwing them painlessly. You should drink 2-3 cups unsweetened tea.


3. Blueberry


Blueberries are rich in antioxidants. They clean the body of harmful free radicals, stimulate the kidney function, can help with the bladder inflammation and inflammation of the urinary tract, as well as other inflammatory processes in the body.

In one liter of boiling water put a handful of fresh or dried leaves of blueberry and leave for 10 minutes. Drink 3 to 4 cups per day.


4. Parsley and celery


Parsley and celery are strong natural diuretics. They increase the excretion of excess fluids from the body. They are stimulating the secretion of urine and assist in the retention of excess fluids in the body. Because they are improving the kidney function, parsley and celery are natural “cleaners” of the body and are helping the excretion of toxins and bacteria from the bladder and in general from the body.



6. Barleybarley-tea

Barley tea is widely used because it strengthens the function of the kidney. Put 1/2 cup barley in 1.5 liters of water. When it boils, leave it to boil on low heat for another 15 minutes.


Of course, these are only natural remedies for prevention and treatment of cystitis. If you have symptoms of cystitis, call your doctor and consult with him about therapy, and so for the use of these herbs for therapeutic purposes.


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