Natural dental care


Most of the commercial toothpaste are containing abrasives, detergents, sweeteners and optical creams, while some products and ingredients that are used every day in the household, and who are often more natural, are achieving the same results. List of sage with which you should rub your teeth and gums can be used as an effective tool for cleaning and polishing. Mix one teaspoon baking soda, two drops of essential oil of mint and a little water and you will get excellent toothpaste. If you are addict of tea, coffee or smoking, instead of buying rough, abrasive powder for your teeth, rub them with strawberry or wet side of lemon peel. And fresh parsley and watercress are rich in chlorophyll (the main ingredient in most commercial mouthwashes), and are therefore effective breath fresheners when you chew them.


If you ate garlic and you want to cover up, the best thing you can do is chew cardamom seed in shell. When the shell softens, throw it and swallow the seed. The next most effective thing – if you can stand – is to chew and swallow half a lemon, with its peel.

To temporarily relieve toothaches, at least until you go to the dentist, put a drop of oil of cloves on your tooth. And finally, do not forget the lip care. Vaseline is the most effective and least expensive lip balm, and you can mix it with the rest of lipstick and so get a lipstick color.

Also regularly change the toothbrush. Use it maximum three months.

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