Believe it or not: The most expensive medicine costs 1.1 M euros!

On the medical market in Germany, has been recently released the most expensive medicine in the history of mankind.

The most expensive medicine costs 1.1 million euros!1

It is called “Glybera”, which is part of gene therapy in case of deficiency of lipoprotein lipase, really rare hereditary disease. The cost of the therapy is staggering 1.1 million euros. Activities for creation of this product lasted almost 25 years, and the producer is a Dutch biotech company “UniQure”.Although medicament was ready for use two years ago, the approval of its putting on sale was delayed, in order to collect more data about its effectiveness.

One ampoule of this medicament cost 53 thousand euros, and it is enough for two injections. But, for the treatment of a patient, would be needed 42 injections or 21 ampoule, which eventually would cost about 1.1 million euros!

The most expensive medicine costs 1.1 million euros!2

The company “UniQure” said that “the drug is really expensive, but it pays off because the patient who will receive the above mentioned therapy can peacefully live at least six years or longer, even up to old age.”

So far, ill patients had permanently to receive the too expensive enzyme therapy that its total cost would probably be more. The same company is currently working on gene therapies for hemophilia and sudden heart disease.