Most common orthopedic injuries

The saying that recreation is desirable and healthy has been heard and said a million times. As well as all of the positive, there are also negative aspects of recreation, but only when it is excessive! If your body is exposed to excessive physical strain, there is a variety of orthopedic injuries, which are not at all pleasant, and sometimes require a long recovery.


1. Inflammation of the tendons of the foot

This injury is most common in runners. This injury consists of feeling intense pain in the foot and heel, and even limping. This injury heals very slowly, because it is an area that is not particularly well-vascularized. The pain is felt in the lower part of the heel, and it’s worst in the morning when you step on the foot for the first time. To stretch and strengthen the area, sit on a chair and put your injured leg over your healthy one, so that your ankle is placed on the knee. Include your toes and bend them towards the upper leg. Stretching the tendons relieves, and can even prevent some of the pain. As for the shoes, you can help yourself by buying shoes with inserts on the heel and rubber soles.


2. Sprained anklesprained ankle

Up to 20% of all sports injuries are sprained ankles. Such information is not at all strange, because the ligaments in the outer part of the ankle are not particularly stable. In order to recover, there are good strengthening exercises. You will need to strengthen the surrounding ligaments and muscles, as they are at the back of the ankle, and they are dynamic stabilizers of this joint. To be able to move again is very important, and awareness of where you are with your hands and feet as you walk around is crucial. A good exercise for this is practicing to walk with your eyes closed.

3. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon

Due to too much pressure, the Achilles heel that links two major muscles of the lower leg with the heel gets inflamed. This is the strongest tendon in the body, and is particularly sensitive when you turn up the intensity of an exercise. After an injury you will need immobilization and possibly surgery. To counteract the risk of injury and inflammation, stretch this area a lot, and wear stable shoes.

4. Groin strain

Groin strain

Groin strains will occur if the muscles are cold and you are too tense. Actually, these sprains happen when there is a partial tear of the muscles that are located on the inside of the thigh. Stretch and enhance this area by lying on your back and spreading your legs (throttle position). Separate your knees so that you feel the stretch. It is effective to put a ball between your legs and tighten it and thus strengthen the muscles.

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