The impact of the mobile phones on health

Each time you use a mobile device or phone, your skin is exposed to damage and danger. Why is this so, we bring below!

People who constantly write messages on a mobile phone are more prone to the appearance of wrinkles on the neck and around the chin, and daily straining to read a message, is leading to appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. To prevent this you need to apply hydrating products on the neck and chest every day, because these are areas in which you will first noticed the appearance of wrinkles.


Many irregularities on your skin can appear due to the use of mobile phones, which contains more bacteria than the toilet bowl. After each conversation, the dirt and bacteria from the surface remains on the skin. To avoid this, the best thing you can do is to use Bluetooth headset for talking and clean the screen with wipes

If you often have skin allergies, such as contact dermatitis, it means that you have an allergy to your cell phone. Mobile phone is often dressed in masks that contain substances that trigger allergic reactions. If you are allergic, you’d better use plastic mask for your mobile phone protection, and the screen should be covered with a protective film to prevent irritation.


LED light of the mobile phone can greatly affect the appearance of dark circles on your face, because it affects negatively on your sleep. The light produced by a mobile phone, and noises that can be heard when you have new messages, mail or have other information, greatly interfere with your sleep. So it would be best to put the mobile phone in other room before you go to sleep.

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