Is Your Glass Of Milk A Cocktail Of 20 Chemicals?

What type of milk do you drink? Milk packed with steroids, sex hormones and chemicals, or wholesome, natural milk that comes with an enormous list of health benefits including helping you lose body fat?


A new study has revealed that a glass of milk can contain a mixture of as many as 20 painkillers, antibiotics and growth hormones. Using a highly sensitive test, scientists found the dangerous chemicals in samples of both cow and goat milk intended for human consumption.

Is Your Glass Of Milk A Cocktail Of 20 Chemicals

The results show how man-made chemicals are now found throughout the food chain. The highest quantities of medicines and hormones were found in cow’s milk.


Researchers believe some of the drugs and growth promoters were given to the cattle, or got into milk through cattle feed or contamination on the farm … [The] breakdown … revealed that cow’s milk contained traces of anti-inflammatory drugs niflumic acid, mefenamic acid and ketoprofen … It also contained the hormone 17-beta-estradiol,” the Daily Mail reported.

Dr Mercola reports:

Milk is thought of as a wholesome food, which is why so many parents give it to their children with every meal. And the truth is, it is wholesome when it’s in its natural form and sourced from cows fed non-contaminated grass and raised in clean conditions.

What’s Really in Your Milk?

European researchers used a highly sensitive test to determine what types of medications could be found in a variety of milk (cow, goat and human breast milk), and they hit the chemical jackpot. Medications used to treat diseases in both humans and animals were revealed.

Among the drugs and hormones detected were:

Anti-inflammatories (niflumic acid, mefenamic acid, ketoprofen, diclofenac, phenylbutazone, naproxen, flunixin, diclofenac) Antibiotics (florfenicol)

Sex hormones (17-beta-estradiol)

Steroid hormones (17-alpha-ethinylestradiol)

Anti-malaria drugs (pyrimethamine)

Anti-fungal drugs (triclosan)

Natural hormones (estrone)

While all types of milk tested contained chemicals, including breast milk, cow’s milk contained the highest levels. Some of these drugs and hormones were given to the cows directly, while others were likely ingested from the cattle food or contamination on the farm.

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The truth is, chemical contaminants are now showing up throughout the entire food chain, which is why it’s so important to choose your food wisely, from farmers who make efforts to avoid toxins like these and certainly don’t add to the problem by supplying them directly. Unfortunately, if you buy your milk in most supermarkets, you can rest assured that it will probably contain contaminants you’d be better off avoiding.