Medicinal charcoal – Eliminate the gases and toxins

On professor from France named Tueri, in 1831 drank a lethal dose of strychnine, which is poison,  and he has survived. But how? He added a large amount of activated charcoal in it in order to prove the practical effect to his colleagues. You can buy it in any pharmacy, and it is totally safe and can not harm your health even if you drink a lot of tablets. It is useful because it absorbs all the toxins and poisons in your digestive tract, regardless of the reason for their occurrence.

Medicinal charcoal - Eliminate the gases and toxins

This charcoal tablet has no taste, there are pitch black and can be found in various forms. After entering in the body, it absorbs the toxins and gases in the digestive tract and you will feel relieved. You can dissolve the tablets in water and it is given  to people who can not swallow the whole tablet. For a better effect use at least 4 tablets at once. It is important to not that there are no side effects and can also be used whenever you feel some problems with your abdomen.

When is the most favorable to use?

– When you feel bloating in your stomach

– When you have nausea and vomiting

– When you wake up after a drunken night

– When you have diarrhea

– When you have stomach problems due to intake of many vegetables and fruits