Lost inventions of Nikola Tesla that would have changed the world

The meaning of revolutionary inventions and inventors has been to change the future of human society. However, such a thing does not suits to everyone, especially for powerful persons who made large efforts, and means, to prevent the changes which could endanger their place on top of the social pyramid.

Scientist, inventor and one of the greatest geniuses in history, Nikola Tesla, was no exception. Many of his patents and discoveries are suppressed, unfulfilled or intentionally forgotten.

1. Tesla’s oscillator

Lost inventions of Nikola Tesla that would have changed the world1

Before the end of the 19th century, Tesla constructed a small oscillator, which, if it is attached to an object, would cause effect of an earthquake. Recognizing the devastating impact of such a device, by Tesla’s own words, he took a hammer in his hand and completely destroyed the device. However, there are still rumors that claim that the US government uses his invention within the project HAARP.


2. Airship

Tesla once suggested that air ships will take passengers from New York to London in three hours and will fly 13 kilometers above ground. Also, these ships would be without pilots and will draw energy from the atmosphere. Many believe that today’s drones have been developed based on Tesla’s ideas.

3. Free electricity

Lost inventions of Nikola Tesla that would have changed the world4

With the financial help provided by JP Morgan, Tesla has designed the Wardenclyffe Tower, which is a giant wireless transmitter that was allegedly able to provide wireless transmission of data and power across the planet. Tesla originally intended to broadcast text messages, pictures and phone signal, but the project has grown into an idea to supply the entire world with electricity.

4. Flying saucer

In 1911, in an interview for “New York Herald”, Tesla said that he was working on spacecraft that will defy gravity.

“My machine would have neither wings nor propellers. When you see it, you will not even imagine that it is a craft. However, it can fly at a speed that has not been achieved for now and will be extremely safe.”

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