A few tips on losing weight after childbirth

Doctors and obstetricians are advising that most pregnant women lose 10 kg after the childbirth, but if mothers are worried about the rest of weight, weight loss should be done in a healthy and useful way for mother and baby.

A few tips on losing weight after childbirth3

They advise the mothers to breastfeed their children if they want to lose weight quickly after giving birth. Breastfeeding babies can make mothers lose up to 2 kilograms only through the process of feeding the baby with breast milk.

Despite the breastfeeding, mothers who plan to start a special diet regime, it is recommended that the food be based on the dietary fibers, proteins and vitamins. Do not forget to breastfeed the baby despite being on a diet. These two things combined with light exercise, like 15-20 minute walk is enough to lose the weight obtained in pregnancy.

Doctors advise not to use pills or other types of artificial shakes for weight loss. Walks with the baby, breastfeeding and healthy diet will be enough.

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