Try this lemon juice diet and lose some weight

The lemon juice diet is very popular because apart from enabling the weight loss, the vitamin C from lemon juice has detoxifying effect on the body and helps in eliminating toxins, cleans the skin, expels excess fluid and improves digestion. As the summer approaches, we all decide to eat healthier, and we seek the best and most effective diet …

Try this lemon juice diet and lose some weight!2

The diet with lemon juice is not really a diet because you eat as before unless you choose by yourself to reduce the amount. The diet should be practiced for seven days, but it can be extended as long as we desired. Lemon juice is not toxic, so the excess vitamin C from lemon juice the body will be release in a natural way and we should not be afraid from undesired consequences. Drink the juice with a straw if you find out that your teeth are too sensitive.

The first day, squeeze one lemon in a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning as soon as you get up. The next day, increase the amount of lemons and drink a juice with two lemons. On the third day drink three lemons, and increase the amount until the seventh day when you finish with the juice of seven lemons diluted with water.

Try this lemon juice diet and lose some weight!

If you want to continue the diet for more than seven days, then just start from the beginning. So, the eighth day again drink the juice of one lemon. But, we suggest you a break from a couple of days before you start the diet again.

Lemon juice speeds up the metabolism, helps to break down the food in the stomach, reduces blood fat levels and simply activates the metabolism and organism. Lemon diet is best to use before summer because the body further stimulates the activity and so weight loss is easier.

Physical activity is preferred in each diet, and with this one it will drastically speed up the weight loss because the lemon juice still cannot do everything for you. Therefore, incorporate light exercise into your schedule and expect results soon.

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