Keeping the laptop in lap affects on male fertility

The habit of men to keep the laptop on their lap for more than an hour can reduce the fertility, says a team of researchers from the University of Padua, led by andrologist Carlo Foresta. The team was  using small chips to measure the temperature variations in the testes in men who keep their laptops in their lap. With the research, it was found that this habit is harmful because it can raise the temperature for two to three degrees in one hour.


There are empirical observations that are suggesting that the increase in temperature in the testicles can affect on the creation of the sperm, together with the known risks such sauna, tight pants or fever. In today’s developed societies, witness the fact that more of young people are using a laptop placed on the lap.

Furthermore, scientists from Padua also examined the temperature in the testicles in fat people and in people with varicose veins on the legs, a condition in which is very common and varicose veins of the testicles. The temperature in the testicles in both groups was increased by one degree.

Fever is associated with male infertility. Full results of the study will soon be presented to the Conference on Reproductive Health in Rome.

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