Juniper – delicious fruit with healing properties

Juniper is from the old days used to treat infectious diseases, and it is extremely respected and in medicine. It is recognized by the smell of balsam, and grows from Africa to the Arctic. All parts of this fruit are healing, with special bitter sweet fruits, which are highly aromatic and which are gathered in the autumn and winter season.Juniper - healing properties 3

The harvested fruits should be dried and placed on airy place. During the drying, the fruits should be tumbled from time to time. Dried fruits should be stored in a dry place.

Brandy also can be made from juniper, which except for drinking it is also used for medicinal purposes, for the preparation of coating, placed on the wounds caused by colds or rheumatism. Essential oil made from this fruit is excellent for rheumatic diseases and injured joints.

Overuse can cause kidney damage, so it should be consumed in normal amounts. If you have kidney problems, avoid the consumption of juniper because juniper contains Terrapin, which can cause kidney inflammation and irritation. Likewise if you are pregnant, do not consume juniper in order to prevent uterine contractions. The fruits of juniper contain tannins, organic acids, resin, wax, salt, and a number of minerals such as potassium, sulfur, calcium and manganese. It heals cough, stomach diseases, gonorrhea, colds, asthma and sweating. Because of its bactericidal properties, Juniper is excellent for the treatment of infectious diseases. It can enhance the discharge of urine and kidney function, and will soothe the inflammation of the intestines and stomach and stimulates the digestive system.

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