Medical conspiracy: Is AIDS created in laboratory?

Medicine, then the food production are businesses from which the most of the people are depending. So, no wonder that there are doubts about the control of medications, and diseases …

Is AIDS created in labaratory1

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, although people had never lived longer as now, the truth is that they were never been so sick before – with chronic diseases that are usually kept under control with expensive medications. That is the most important argument of advocates of the theory of conspiracy in medicine …

AIDS is artificially created

The idea that AIDS or the HIV virus that causes the disease originated from the mutation of an existing virus which can be transmitted from monkeys to humans is generally accepted in medical circles.

But not everyone believes in it – one theory is that the virus is grown in the laboratory in a secret US government project.

The purpose is double – to reduce the homosexual population with infiltration of the virus in their circles, but also to reduce the population in Africa – in poor and underdeveloped countries of the world which represent a burden for worlds economy. According to some claims, the disease spread in the United States with a vaccine against hepatitis B in 1987.

On the other hand, there is the pharmaceutical lobby which annually earns billions from drug cocktails with which AIDS is kept under control.