Interesting way to train your brain

When someone says that they are training, the first thought that comes to mind is that they are doing some king of physical activity. Most of the time that is true, but people often neglect to train their brain. The brain is a part of our body that needs to be in shape so it can perform better, and more importantly, make you smarter. But, when you think about training the brain the first thing that comes to mind is solving complex problems or doing cognitive improvement exercises.

Fun way to train your brain (1)

But how can you avoid all of that torture and improve your intellectual properties while having fun?

The answer is chess. Chess is a game that will make you think several moves ahead of your opponent in order to defeat them. It is a perfect way to combine logic, strategic thinking and fun in order to have a healthier and better brain. Unlike other games, chess is a war where you are the commander and you lead your army into victory or defeat. Every move you make has consequences which may benefit you in improving your position on the board, getting a material or spatial advantage, or completely destroy you. Making one bad move nullifies numerous good ones and that is why it is so good, because it makes you think.

Fun way to train your brain (2)

 Several studies have shown that playing chess is a wonderful way to improve brain function, raise your IQ, increase your problem solving ability and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. In order to get better at chess, you must play a lot of games and memorize certain tactics which have worked for you. Everyone knows that Alzheimer’s disease is directly linked to losing memory and chess is something that can keep it at bay. Mainly, memory recall is used when playing chess in order to avoid previous mistakes or to remember the style in which an opponent plays and using a counter. By continuously repeating tactics and strategies, you improve your memory not just in the chess field, but also in your responsibilities and academic performance.