EBOLA: An inspiration for many conspiracy theories

Ebola epidemic is an inspiration to many conspiracy theories. These are the most widespread!

Some are saying that this dangerous disease is a tool to control the population, other say that it is biological weapon of mass destruction, and there are people that think that this disease does not exist. Familiarize yourself with some of the most widespread conspiracy theories about Ebola.

1. The Ebola epidemic is used as a tool to control the population

2. This disease is used to distract the attention from reports about the connection between autism and vaccines



3. Although groups like “Doctors Without Borders” have risked their lives to give their best in fighting against the groveling disease, some people believe that doctors actually spread the virus


4. The most popular conspiracy theory is that Ebola is used to reduce the number of the world’s population to a number that is easier to manage by the New World Order, totalitarian world government ruled by the “elite”

5. It is a biological weapon for mass destruction



6. There is no Ebola, but the center for the control and prevention for diseases in the United States says that the it exists because of the profit from the different drugs and vaccines


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