Insect bites – how to treat and reduce ailments

The stings of various insects can be very unpleasant, causing redness, pain or itching. In severe cases where the person is allergic, can come to anaphylactic shock. The symptoms are immediately visible and thus appearing skin rashes, breathing problems and swelling of the body. Then it is important to call emergency medical care because the bites can be fatal.


Poisonous insects such as wasps, bees, hornets or some types of ants are injecting toxins when they bite you. People react differently to the infection. For most, the symptoms are quickly withdrawn, but some have pain and swelling more pronounced.

How to prevent the unpleasant symptoms from the bite?

For beginning, avoid areas where there could be some habitat of certain insects. If you however have decided to stay, protect yourself maximum. Choose clothing in neutral colors and long sleeves and socks.

  • Protect tour skin with solution from water and lemon. Mix 7 drops of lemon with a cup of water. The garlic is also extremely useful. Garlic will work from the inside to the smell of your skin and the specific smell will chase away the insects.


  • Rub your skin with gel from aloe vera and put ice cubes to reduce swelling and pain.
  • When bee bites you, the sting leaves in your skin with drops of poison. After the sting, the bee dies. If you are not allergic, remove the sting and put compresses from fresh parsley on the infected place.
  • Put honey on the infected area. Over that put an ice cube and wrap it. Soon, the pain should disappear.
  • If you are in nature and near you do not have none of these funds, a stone will serve you as replacement. Press the stone on infected place and hold it for a few moments. Pain and swelling should reduce.

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