Hungary: Destroyed 1000 GMO corn fields

Hungary destroyed fields with GMO corn. Authorities have located and destroyed around 1,000 acres of corn. In this country, all GMO ingredients are forbidden.
“About 1,000 acres of corn which is believed to be GMO are destroyed all over Hungary”, says Lajos Bognar Deputy State Secretary.

He noted that the GMO corn is burnt completely and the pollen does not spread from it.
In Hungary, regular checks are made about GMO seeds, although retailers are obliged to ensure that the products are not genetically modified.
“Free exchange of goods inside the European Union means that competent authorities will not investigate the way how the seeds arrived in Hungary but they will investigate where and how to fin such seeds”, said Lajos.

Destroyed GMO maize fields
Regional radio said that major international companies that are producing seed materials are affected because there is a possibility of GMO seeds to be planted on thousands of hectares in the country. When the farmers have discovered that they are growing GMO seeds, they have appealed and supported the destruction of their crops. They were also very upset because instead of safe, they were given GMO seeds.
In May 2015, Hungary did not respond to the new EU legislation with which GMO products become legal in all countries, except if they do not oppose it.