How to raise low blood pressure

People who often lose energy and feel tired and exhausted generally have low pressure, which is caused by poor circulation. In order to help yourself in a situation where your blood pressure drops, below we present a few tips.



  • To strengthen the blood vessels take a shower with warm and cold water alternately. Blood vessels are contracting and expanding during rapid temperature changes. Take a shower always about 10 seconds, and for the end shower yourself with cold water. You can achieve even greater effect if you brus the skin in the direction of the heart.


  • Avoid alcohol consumption! Alcohol has harmful effects such as obstruction of the center of balance in the brain, stimulation of liquid secretion from the body, slowing the heart rate and narrowing the blood vessels.


  • In order to increase the blood pressure, keep moving! Instead of driving the car, you can ride a bike, or go on foot, instead of climbing with elevator, go up the stairs. It would be good if at least three times a week you are practicing conditional training like cycling, running, swimming or fast walking. Because of the training you will certainly feel much better.


  • The lowest blood pressure is one hour after the meal, and it does so because the organs of digestion are requiring blood to digest food. This situation can fix if you eat smaller meals. You should eat less but more often.

Low blood pressure is not dangerous, but it can be very uncomfortable when it falls, and its consequences can badly affect quality of life.


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