Practical advices on how to heal cuts

An inevitable part of an active childhood, and sometimes adults, in the kitchen or garden, minor cuts and scratches almost always can be cured at home with traditional medication for first aid. The purpose of the treatment is to stop the bleeding, protect the skin from infection and accelerate the healing. If you cut your skin with a sharp object such as a knife or piece of glass, you will bleeding. The scratches are wounds on the surface of the skin that may contain dirt particles or soil.

What action should you take immediately?

What action should you take immediately

The following steps are used for removing dirt, stopping the bleeding and protecting from infection.Wash your hands with soap and warm water before touching the wound. Carefully wash the wound under running warm water to remove the impurities. Tap with sterile gauze or a clean cloth and then clean the wound.

Connect the open cut with a narrow piece of sterile surgical tape. If you have small cut, cover it with an adhesive bandage

Prevent infection

Prevent infection

Wash the cut or scratch with a solution of baking soda or chilled tea of cinnamon, sage or parsley leaf – all these plants are antiseptic. Ordinary black tea, juice of onion and garlic juice are also antiseptic, and help to alleviate the bleeding. Honey applied to a cut helps to prevent infection and helps with the healing.

Strong bleeding

Strong bleeding

 If the wound is bleeding heavily, but nothing has come into it, raise the injured part of the body, put a clean bandage and press with your hand to stop the bleeding. Put another bandage over that.

If the bleeding is strong or does not stop after a few minutes, if you can see signs of infection (swelling, redness, pus), if there is  foreign body remained the wound, if the cut is caused by dirty object and the injured person is not vaccinated against tetanus in the last 10 years, seek medical attention!

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