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You do not have to accept the theory that weight gain, wrinkles, dry skin and other problems are one of the inevitable forms of aging. Natural treatments offer many ways to beat your years. Studies have shown that poor diet,  lack of sleep, excessive sun exposure and stress accelerates agings.

Free radicals are highly reactive compounds that the body produces during the normal process of metabolism or arising from air pollution or overheating of certain types of oil. They attack and damage the genetic code and the memory of the cells and prevent them from producing energy.

defeat aging

Free radicals can not be prevented, but there are defense mechanisms in the body with which you can eject them. The best way to defend yourself is eating healthy. Some lifestyle changes will also help in the fight against free radical attacks. Aging is an inevitable process (and it seems that free radicals become extremely active after 30 years), but it partly depends on you how the process will run and whether you look older than you are. You already know that obesity, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and high cholesterol can be avoided with healthy eating and regular exercise

By taking care of your skin you can reduce wrinkles. Keeping your brain active, it will be younger. Because of the excess weight, pain and sensitivity, poor memory and other problems you can feel and look older. In other words, the visible part of aging is at least partly a result of your lifestyle, especially in the way you treat yourself.

It’s never too early to start fighting against aging and it is never too late for positive changes. Regardless of whether you are a teenager or a woman in the seventies, start to take care about your body and mind and make a plan to combat the aging process.

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