Herbicide found in 14 German beers

The Institute of Environmental Health in Munich, said that traces of the “glyphosate” herbicide were found in 14 best-selling beers in Germany. Beer industry and governmental organizations are saying that there is no danger to the health of the consumers and the “Community of brewers’ claims that the results are based on small number of examples and therefore they are not credible. Federal Institute for Risk Assessment said that the level of the herbicide is not a health risk to the citizens.

Herbicide found in 14 German beers (2)

“Adult person should drink about 1,000 gallons per day to be a danger because of this herbicide” they say in the statement.

“Glyphosate” herbicide has entered into usage in 1970 by the corporation “Monsanto” which uses it in their products. As a reminder, people around the world are protesting against this company.

Herbicide found in 14 German beers (1)

The European Union is currently considering whether to grant approval for the use of this substance, which according to the World Health Organization may be a carcinogen.

The reliability of this information is yet not 100% confirmed. However, if we consider the statements of the beer industry and governmental organizations, there must be something. Everyone is trying to protect themselves, and the disaster that might occur for people’s health because of this substance is unbelievable.