German biochemist: 2 ingredients that protect against cancer!

A German biochemist, Dr. Johanna Budwig, has dedicated her live to study the fats and oils. After many years she has found the combination to fight against malignant diseases.

In her book “Flaxseed oil as a real help against arthritis, heart attack, cancer and other diseases” she wrote: “”Unhealthy fat can cause tumors and healthy fat dissolves them,”.

German biochemist- the two ingredients protect against cancer! (1)

“It was discovered a surprisingly large number of connections between the fatal disease and fat metabolism. Solid fats, which are not soluble in water and can be linked with proteins, are no longer able to circulate through sophisticated channels of capillaries. The blood thickens and circulatory problems are occurring. The only substance that has the characteristics of cancer cells is the isolated fat.” Says Dr. Johanna.

Fats are essential to our body because their decomposition releases large amounts of energy. Moreover, they have a beneficial effect on growth, cell regeneration, nerve and brain function and the immune system. Their positive effect, however, is expressed only if you take natural fats and not in excessive quantities, since they can lead to obesity and cardiovascular disorders.

Dr. Johanna Budwig was born in Germany in 1908 and died in Freudenstadt 2003 in her 94th year. She studied pharmaceutical chemistry and physics and had a PhD degree in both disciplines. From the beginning of the Second World War, she was in charge of the military hospital with 5,000 beds. In 1949 she has returned to Münster, in the newly established German institute for fat researching.

German biochemist- the two ingredients protect against cancer! (2)

Because at that time there was no way to test lipids in the blood, Johanna Budwig has used radioactive isotopes of iodine and cobalt in the chromatography paper and managed to analyze the fat. Her discovery has enabled the global science to measure fat to one microgram. She was the first to realize the biochemical importance of essential fatty acids in the process of the living cell breathing (biological oxidation).

Flax seed oil contains large amounts of omega-3 essential linoleic fatty acids, which repairs the membrane of each cell.

Because of her views, Dr. Johanna was attacked by the powerful food industry, and in the next 40 years she was leading a legal battle against them.