Fruit on an empty stomach to detoxify your body

It is well known that fruit is rich in nutrients and has numerous health benefits for our body. Fruits give us vitamins and minerals needed to lead a healthy life. But when we should eat fruit?

There is a wrong and right time for consuming fruit. Most people like to eat fruit after a meal. They replace dessert with fruit and think it is healthier choice. But although it is good that avoid dessert full of calories and sugars, eating fruit after a meal is not the best time.



Empty stomach

To eat fruit on an empty stomach is a great way to detoxify your body. That is the best time to ensure maximum absorption of all vitamins and minerals from fruits. Eating fruit for breakfast is the best way to start the digestive system in the morning. With it also slows the increase in blood sugar levels.



The fruit is the perfect food if you exercise regularly. Eat a little fruit before you start exercising. Fruits maintain the energy levels in your body, but it do not give you a sense of satiety and bloating.



Seasonal fruit

Traditional medicine recommends eating fruit according to seasonal changes. For example, seasonal fruits such as mango, is perfect for dining in the summer.


Between meals

The best time to eat fruit is one hour before a meal, and two hours after a meal. So the body will absorb vitamin C, pectin and fiber. Eating fruit between meals reduces the level of cholesterol in the body.

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