Exercises for greater endurance

You may have noticed that some athletes or bodybuilders who are working to build muscles, at a small effort they come to a state of fatigue. The cardiac rhythm increases and decreases depending on the intensity of the workout, so in addition to power workouts, at least once a week you need to workout to increase endurance of your body. You do not have to do special exercises. At least you can ride a bike, jog, skate or swim, or do any activity that promotes faster breathing.

If you do training without a break, do not exceed forty minutes. Remember that the heart is the most important muscle of the human body and we need to take care of him. If you ride a bike, try to find paths that are not completely flat but have slight highs. When you feel tired, do not push youself. Stop and take a break and then move on.


You can start with 15 minutes of training every day and gradually increase the time and intensity. The most important thing is to be persistent and do not go too fast, but gradually. Even if after five minutes you feel tired, stop and rest. The second time you will already be better.

If you are already dealing with a sports activity with high intensity, for example boxing, you do not have to do additional endurance training. If you believe that your endurance is in excellent condition, then one month give more focus on building muscle. You can then add endurance training once per week and your athletic level will be higher.

It is important to remember that muscle building training and endurance training should not be done in same day. You will just tired yourself and will not achieve any results.

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