Eco lights – They save the energy but not your life!

While from day-to-day we hear advices that we should use them, many experts are warning that economical lights should be used as rarely as possible. European Union bans the production of conventional lights by directive and on the European markets they are forcing exclusively the economical lights, although some experts are recommending that they are unhealthy. So why do they insist on their use.

They are saving the energy but not your life!

According to some researches conduced in Berlin, the economical bulbs are extremely harmful for our health. The included light fixtures are emitting phenol and naphthalene – carcinogenic composition which during long-term exposure can be fatal. Phenol in the organism enters through the airways damaging their function and heart work. Israel’s University of Haifa, from long time ago has published research according to which the economical lights can increase the percentage of women suffering from breast cancer, because unlike the classic yellow light, these bulbs are emitting in some way daylight because of which is disrupted the production of the hormone melatonin in the body. There are also warnings that such bulbs can cause migraine and dermatologists are in fear because of the rise of skin problems.

Eco lights – They save the energy but not your life!2

Eco lights that is harmful to the environment!?

Isn’t it absurd that on the packaging of an eco product to stay sign which warns that after the extraction, it is necessary to be thrown away as toxic waste?

These bulbs are producing “electrical smog” and they must be used only in well-ventilated areas and away from our heads.

They contain mercury!

In case of cracking of the light, the mercury comes out and is dangerous to every living creature. Experts are adding, when the bulb breaks, most of the mercury remains in there, only a small fraction goes into the air. But in every case you need to do the following:

  • Open the windows and ventilate the room
  • gently wipe the section where the bulb was broken with a wet cloth, which you will later safely discard in a plastic bag
  • You must not throw the waste in garbage. In this case, it is necessary to discard on the location that is specialized in collecting hazardous waste.

From now on, think twice before you buy economical bulb!

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